TGJTA join hands with hotel alliance and convention center

TGJTA join hands with hotel alliance and convention center to provide top security and comfort for international exhibitors and visitors to 53rd BGJF

January 29th 2014, Bangkok, Thailand - The Thai Gem and Jewelry Trader Assoxiation (TGJTA) board of directors, in support from the Department of International Trade Promotion (DITP), announced 53rd Bangkok Gems & Jewelry Fair (BGJF) will be organized as planned and is completely unaffected by the protest situation.

3rd Communique on Bangkok Protest Situation

The TGJTA has arranged several promotions to help assuage sentiments of both exhibitors and visitors, such as Free Hotel Accomodation campaigns. Additionally, many groups of international exhibitors and visitors from around the workd has confirmed their attendances of the 53rd BGJF as they understand real Thai protest situation is generally nonviolent and takes part in different segment of Bangkok.

In communication with the DITP, the IMPACT convention center and partner hotels in preparing for the 53rd, the decision of the TGJTA is based on several facts. Firstly, DITP and IMPACT managemnet confirms that none of the booked exhibitions are canceled or postponed due to the political protest.

Additionally, to assure confidence in the safety measures, the TGJTA has prepared seeveral travel routes with aprtner hotels downtown and along Chao Phraya River in completely unaffected areas of downtown and will provide special free shuttle buses, travel to and from the 53rd BGJF and downtown and airport will utilize expressway networks that are unaffected and can arrive all destinations in less than one hour.

The TGJTA is happy to report that it has received several letters of support and assurances from exhibitors and visitors from America, Europe, Asia, Africa and Australia that they will continue to come and take part in the 53rd BGJF. They are aware that the troubled protest areas are in a small and different part of town and protests in Thailand are mostly not violent like in most other countries.

To increase exhibitor and visitor confidence during the 53rd BGJF, the TGJTA also prepared Free Hotel Accomodation of two - free nights for both new and existing visitors to the fair. (Please contact TGJTA for more information).

All preparations for the 53rd BGJF, from February 25 - March 1, 2014 are now completed. The TGJTA would like to give our utmost assurances for safety and security of all exhibitors and visitors.

The TGJTA will continue to monitor the situaion closely and advise all our members, exhibitors and visitors to the BGJF to avoid all political gatherings and protest sites.