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With Thai Select Certification, you have plenty opportunities of participation in development and promotional activities organized by the Department of International Trade Promotion. We also support Thai Select restaurants by different public relations/advertisement in both international and domestic media, including www.thaifoodrestaurant.com and Office of Commercial Affairs, Royal Thai Embassy, Copenhagen Facebook, etc. If you interest to apply for Thai Select Certification, you may apply online or download the application here and send back to us

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Anywhere in your travel, look for the stamp of approval “Thai Select”. It assures you that delicious Thai cuisine is being served in a pleasant atmosphere, and with a famous Thai smile. It’s not just a meal ; it’s a journey into Thai culture.

Thai Select Recipes

Do you love Thai food and would like to try cooking by yourself? Thai food has become increasingly popular throughout the world because of its great mix of flavours, low calorie content, and much healthy nutritions of Thai ingredients such as herbs. More and more people are regularly cooking Thai recipes at home. If you enjoy cooking Thai food or are new to Thai cooking, then we have written recipe instructions to help you prepare the best tasting Thai recipes in your own kitchen. Simply follow the recipes in this Thai Select Cookbook to create delicious Thai dishes filled with fun and fiery flavours to enjoy with family and friends.

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Thai dishes filled with fun and fiery flavours to enjoy with family and friends.