Updated List of Establishments under the Special Control Scheme

At present, there remain 21 establishments details under the special control scheme set up for the export of the designated vegetables from Thailand to the EU.

The Office of Commercial Affairs is pleased to update the approved establishments under the list from the Department of Agriculture.

Photo: naruemonjoy on Flickr

Thailand's main export markets are the USA, Japan, the European Union and ASEAN, while new markets include Nordic, China, South Asia, Africa and Indochina.

To help increase the value of its exports, Thailand has negotiated free trade agreements with Australia, China, India, Japan, New Zealand and ASEAN that have resulted in many more opportunities for doing business with Thailand. In addition to being one of the world's most popular tourism destinations, Thailand has enjoyed rapid economic development over the past two decades. Today the country is a dynamic regional trading, financial, aviation and communications center, with a strong national infrastructure of air, land and sea that affords ready access to regional and world markets. Its vibrant export-led economy reflects its status as a pre-eminent trader to the world.

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