Thailand … The Heart of ASEAN Smart Living

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Furniture not only refers to a set of movable objects that make your houses or residences attractive and worth living in, but it also reflects your personal style and taste.

Photo: Morio Honey Hanglamp

The Thailand International Furniture Fair, also known as TIFF 2015 warmly invites fine furniture lovers to experience the power of quality and creativity inspired by a great number of local and international furniture entrepreneurs. Trade Days run from 11th to 13th March 2015. Public Days from 14th to 15th March  2015 at Challenger Hall 2-3 within Impact Arena Muang Thong Thani.

TIFF is one of Thailand’s most renowned international exhibitions and trade events for the furniture industry and is widely recognized for its unique quality and revolutionary designs that meet the specific needs of all individuals. Internationally, it is considered among the top destinations for those who are looking for furniture solutions from ASEAN member countries and around the world.

TIFF entwines Thailand’s highlights of furniture production and trade under the concept ‘The Heart of ASEAN Smart Living’, aiming to thrill all participants with various designs of furniture. At the event, visitors will be fascinated by the ‘Urban Chic Furniture’, where innovative ideas are evolved through exceptional designs that practically serve different personal lifestyles. Furthermore, ‘Eco-Friendly Furniture’ will exhibit creative designs and manufacturing processes of environmentally friendly furniture, while the ‘50 Up Lifestyle Furniture’ will accommodate the needs of the aging population match the preferences of older adults.      

At the same time, TIFF understands the increasing demand and opportunities of niche markets, varying from hotels, resorts, restaurants, and condominiums to contract projects which require specific designs of furniture. The ‘SOOK’ concept, short for ‘Small Order OK’, has therefore been developed to satisfy these markets. The ‘SOOK’ concepts unveils the acceptance of every small order as well as inspire tailor made masterpieces of furniture that bring happiness and satisfaction to clients and manufacturers, reflecting the meaning of  ‘SOOK’ in Thai which translate to happiness.

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