Thai Artistry: The Living Heritage

19 October - 1 November 2015, Illum, Copenhagen

HRH Prince Joachim of Denmark will preside over the Opening Ceremony of the “Thai Artistry: The Living Heritage” Exhibition at ILLUM Department Store, Copenhagen on 19 October 2015

On 19 October 2015, HRH Prince Joachim will preside over the opening ceremony of the “Thai Artistry: The Living Heritage” Exhibition.  The Exhibition will take place at the newly renovated Atrium on the 4th Floor of ILLUM Department Store in Copenhagen, from 19 October – 1 November 2015 and is being organized by the Royal Thai Embassy in cooperation with The SUPPORT Arts and Crafts International Centre of Thailand (SACICT), The Central Group, ILLUM Department Store and Team Thailand agencies.

The Exhibition will showcase the works from the SUPPORT Arts and Crafts International Centre of Thailand which embodies Thailand’s traditional craftsmanship with a sense of modern living.  Through the Exhibition, Thai craft masters are also being given the opportunity to showcase their works abroad so that they can carry on their work with recognition and pride. 

In addition, the Exhibition will portray the story of the special relationship between Thailand and Denmark, especially the close and cordial relationship between the Royal Families of the two countries over the centuries.  This is something which is not yet widely known, especially amongst the younger generation.  The Exhibition is therefore an important opportunity to creating greater public awareness of the two countries’ historical ties which will enhance existing ties and lead to new areas of cooperation.    

The SUPPORT Foundation was founded by HM Queen Sirikit of Thailand in 1975 to help train traditional craftsmanship to farmers and villagers in order to supplement their family income while preserving ancient arts and craft skills for future generations.   Over the years, the Foundation has been crucial in empowering the rural poor while carrying forward the precious national heritage of Thailand so it can continue to thrive through time.  Today, hundreds of SUPPORT projects can be found in various rural villages all over the country. 

The new concept products being displayed have been exclusively made for this Exhibition and represents the drive to introduce the uniqueness of Thai wisdom to international markets.  The transformation of traditional craftworks into a living heritage that has successful adapted to modern day living is pertinent to the success of conserving Thailand’s precious heritage and fulfilling the aspirations set forth by HM Queen Sirikit of Thailand.

Royal Thai Embassy, Copenhagen