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In 2010, Thailand exported tapiocas worth over 2.13 billion USD and tends to gradually increase in the future.

Now Thailand is the world’s number one important tapioca exporter.

Tapioca Strach Product of Ubon Agricultural Energy Co.,Ltd

Thailand has been exporting tapiocas as raw materials for various industries for over 30 years. For all these times, studies and researches have been done to improve the products’ variety and quality to fit with domestic and international consumers’ needs.

There are two types of tapiocas in Thailand:

1. Sweet type – The sweet typed tapioca has low hydrocyanic acid with no bitter flavor and is used for human consumption. Soft crumbly texture and firm stiff texture are found but the later are not many.

2. Bitter type – The bitter typed tapioca has high hydrocyanic acid, is toxic and tastes bitter, not suitable for human consumption or directly for animal consumption. It is used in modified tapioca industries such as tapioca starch, tapioca pellets, and alcohol. Due to its high starch quantity, the bitter type tapiocas are majorly grown in Thailand and used in industries.

Thai Tapioca Products’ Quality

Thailand has strict monitoring and control of the tapiocas exporting from the production step to the shipment step. Tapioca exporters are under GMP quality control standard (Good Manufacturing Practice System), HACCP control (Harzard Analysis Critical Control) for food production and/or ISO. Every time before uploading tapioca chips, pellets and starch onto the cargo ship, the goods’ quality is checked by the goods quality standard inspectors.

Main tapioca products exported from Thailand are:

  1. Tapioca chips
  2. Tapioca pellets
  3. Tapioca starch (raw starch and modified starch)
  4. Other tapioca products such as Sago

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Source: http://tapioca.dft.go.th