Namyong Terminal Wins Excellence in Logistics Management

In 2014, The judging committee has only awarded to Namyong Terminal Public Company Limited to be the only ELMA winner.

Department of International Trade promotion, Ministry of Commerce, has organized the Excellent Logistics Management Award (ELMA) competition to award Thai logistics providers with excellent logistics management. The award is also the emphasis for Thai logistics providers with international logistics management standard.

Excellent Logistics Management Award (ELMA) has been consecutively organized for eight years by the Department of International Trade Promotion, Ministry of Commerce. Renowned logistics experts and academics from private and public sectors are joining together as ELMA judging committee to evaluate and award Thai logistics providers with excellent logistics management.

Ms. Jatuporn Wattanasuwan, Director of Office of Service Trade & Trade Logistics, presented that this project was created for encouraging Thai logistic service providers to improve their service standard and being recognized nationally and internationally. We invited renowned logistics experts and academics from private and public sectors to form our ELMA judging committee and tailored international business management standards from Europe, United States and Japan to create our own ELMA assessment criteria, which prioritized logistics management as main priority.

The ELMA assessment criteria is integrated from the business management and logistics management evaluation models, which are internationally accepted, such as Malcolm Baldrige Framework, EFQM excellent model, and Supply Chain Operation Reference Model (SCOR), and judging committee’s business and logistics management standard. As a result, ELMA has become an honorable and invaluable award that ensures excellent logistics management in terms of quality and efficiency.

Moreover, The director emphasized that the award does not only benefit the winners, but also those who are competing ELMA. However, only ELMA’s winner can use ELMA logo as their marketing tool to enhance their customers’ confidence in their reliability logistics management and service quality. On the other hand, ELMA applicants who didn’t won the award will also receive feedback and recommendations from the committee to improve their logistics management and service quality.

From all participating companies, the committee made a decision that Namyong Terminal Public Company Limited was the only company which achieved ELMA standard, in warehousing service category. Namyong’s key winning factor is the efficiency in it management that utilizes its limited resources, manpower, time and space to effectively manage its services to the fullest capability.

Mr. Theparak Luengsuwan, Chief Executive Officer of Namyong Terminal PCL talked about this company’s management that Namyong has been aware of the resources constraint. Therefore, Namyong have been focusing on improving our efficiency by reducing cost, time and labor but still continuously improving our standard while strictly conducting a system for error preventing as well. Therefore, Namyong have developed its own information technology to improve its service standard.

Namyong Terminal’s vision is to become the global warehouse service especially for vehicles exporter as Roll-on/Roll-off (“Ro/Ro”) terminal service operator for automobile manufacturers. The company’s CEO said that the implementation of information technology in logistics management was one of the reasons that led Namyong Terminal PCL to win the award. The company’s advanced IT programs are constantly being developed and improved by its in-house team, there by reducing errors, enabling our company to efficiently cope and response to our customers’ needs. 

ELMA is considered as a strategic project under Department of International Trade Promotion, Ministry of Commerce with an ultimate objective to develop Thai logistics services providers capability and raise Thai logistics industrial standard to the international level that is recognized and accepted worldwide, and eventually become the logistics hub for ASEAN.

Therefore, ELMA is to certify that companies with ELMA logo are surely having excellent logistics management and international service standard. DITP can ensure that ELMA winners certainly can deliver efficiently logistics management service as a selected partner or a logistics service provider in Thailand and even in ASEAN.

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