7 Wonder fruits of Chanthaburi

by Office of Commercial Affairs Chanthaburi

Chanthaburi fruits are well known worldwide for the quality and diversity because of the abundance of natural resources and the geographic of Chanthaburi which is well suited for agriculture & farming. Most of Chanthaburi people are agriculturists who have experiences and expertise in fruits production.

Chanthaburi is a province on the eastern region of Thailand, about 245 km from Bangkok. The province is famous for its abundance of tropical fruits and as a center of gem industry. Chanthaburi is also blessed with rich nature along with scenic attractions.

Since Chanthaburi fruits are high quality, they are in great demand in global market. Many traders from around the world have come to visit and import Chanthaburi fruits to their country. If you interested to visit Chanthaburi, the summertime (around March - July) is a good time to visit and experience many amazing places of Chanthaburi, which are ready to welcome all visitors with various of delicious tropical fruits. There are 7 important fruits in Chanthaburi, including durian, mangosteen, longan, rambutan, banana, longkong and salacca. Click below download file for more information.

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