Premier Herb Care

Premier Herb Care Co., Ltd. was founded with the objective to present natural products for health and beauty care based on the faith and the belief that the best and the most appropriate thing for humans is to bring nature for sickness treatments, preventions, and remedies grounded on theories of holistic balance in the form of Asean intellects. The fundamentals of those theories have been inherited for thousand years such as medical science, traditional Thai medicine, and Chinese medicine. They are the combination of science and art ofhealthcare that does not focus on separating thoughts or seeing humans as the mechanism of each organ system. In contrast, it is to access and link human body systems to minds, souls, elements, the environment, and most of all --- the nature of changes both inside and outside our bodies.

Siwarak Seangwerasiri, International Marketing Officer 


+66 2 136 5698




111/150, Moo 8, Bangkaew, Bangplee, Samutprakan, 10540


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