Lamptan Lighting Technology

Our factory Lamptan Lighting Technology Co., Ltd. established in 1983, has operated both manufacturing and distributing business of fluorescent light bulbs for global-brands in over 30 countries, with of 500 employees worldwide. Our contribution has always been put forward to ensure the highest customers satisfaction, constant skill development of our human resource, as well as management systems and structures that align with the dynamic environment of novel technologies and innovation. With our vision in energy saving solution and emphasis on new technologies and innovation, Lamptan, as the energy saving leader has developed a wide spectrum of products in both local and international markets, and trus was granted both national and international certificates of quality. Not only have we fucused on energy saving objectives, but also on quality standard in every manufacturing process from production, packaging, to distribution. Hence, our company has been internationally guaranteed with ISO 9001 : 2000 and ISO 14001 : 1996 for our product quality, management system, along with environmental policy.

Ms. Naruedee Tiawphalathip 


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3 Soi Thianthale 19, Bangkhunthian-Chaithale Rd., Thakam, Bangkhunthian, Bangkok 10150 Thailand