Thai Sriracha Corporation

Thai Sriracha Corporation co., ltd. founded in 2012 as a sauce domestic trading company, also a partner with a sauce manufacturer. We are progressively making our brands becoming well known within 3 years in Thailand, as well as a strong channel of distribution.Our brands such as Green Chilli, Omelet, and Thai Sriracha. Our ideal of business growth is to provide the real authentic Thai traditional sauces with finest quality to people in every country. Therefore, we have decided to venture the domestic and international businesses simultaneously. We strongly believe that our company is able to make people worldwide to know our country and recognized the brands more or less.

Mr. Traithep John Boonmark 


+6638 495 145, +6689 6100 900




29/3 Muangmai-Klang Road Sriracha Chonburi Thailand