Krung Siam Beverage

Krung Siam Beverage Company Limited is the Forefront & Trusted Juice and Beverage Manufacturer in Thailand. It has been established since 1999 with 6 prominent categories of the Juices and Beverages which have been well exported to the Global Community ie Asia (China, Middle East, East Asia and Southeast Asian Region), Oceania, Africa and Europe. Our main 6 prominent categories of Juice & Beverage included: (1) Energy Drink namely " Commando " in 250 ML Alu Can and 150 ML in Glass Bottle (2) Siam Rich < 60 % Juice Concentration: Mangosteen (320 ML Alu Can), Tamarind (320 ML Alu Can) and Lychee with Fresh (310 ML Alu Can) (3) Yoku 25% Juice Concentration in 450 ML PET BOTTLE *Red Grape, Lychee, Orange , Pineapple and Strawberry (4) Suntana 40% Juice Concentration in 325 ML Alu Can *Orange,Mango, Tropical Fruits, Red Grape , Lychee , Peach , Pear and Pineapple (5) Palm Fresh ( Coconut Water : 60% Concentration in 310 ML in Alu Can) (6) Yoku With Nata Decoco (25% Juice Concentration in PET Bottle) *Orange, Strawberry, Pineapple, Red Grape, Mango, Lychee, Melon and Mangosteen.

Paiwan Sa-Ngeampake 


+ 66 92 4784538




2/22 Iyara Tower 9th Floor, Room no.904-906, Cahn Rd., Thungwatdon, Sathirn, Bangkok, Thailand


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